CHANGE… is the only permanent thing in the world

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Tingnan mo naman, title pa lang unli na. paulit ulit na lang. cliché right? Pero alam ko naman na naiisip mo rin na yang pangungusap lang ang umuulit ulit. Ilang henerasyon na ba ang nakinabang sa kasabihang iyan? Tingnan natin? Eh teka, di ko nga alam kung sino nagsabi niyan eh. Basta narinig ko lang yan sa biology class naming noong high school. Assignment ng classmate ko. Eh syempre ako iba ang sinabi ko. “ Love conquers multitude of sins.” Oha!

Pero mabalik tayo. Bakit ba pabago bago? Siguro ayan lang ang tanging unli sa mundo, ang pagbabago. But wait! Theres more! Sa lahat naman ng unli, iyan lang ang walang charge at walang maintaining balance. At higit sa lahat WALANG INTEREST! Di tulad ng iba dyan.

Sabi nga ni Nicohyala, kaya iba na ang standards sa pagiging dj ngayon sa radio dahil kung hindi daw nagbago malamang wala sila ni Tsuper sa radio at hindi natin maririnig ang mga kababalaghan nila. Eh sa lahat naman ng kababalaghan, in fairness, totoo sila at walang halong kaplastikan. Pero, hindi talaga yan ang dahilan.

Kaya nagbabago ang mundo kasi nakikibagay ito sa mga pangangailangan ng mga tao. Ng mga inhabitants nito. Kaya wag ka na magtaka kung makakakita ka ng taong may kaliskis. Malay mo, darating ang araw, wala nang lupa. Puro dagat na, kaya kailangan nating lahat ang magkaroon ng hasan. Siguro, pasok din sa explanation ang “Survival of the fittest”. Katulad nga sa example, kung water world na tayo, paano ka? Edi nadedo ka na. at least kung may palikpik at hasang ka, sure ball ang survival mo.

Isa pa, kung di ka makikibagay sa pagbabago, iwan ka sa uso girl. Uulanin ka ng pangaalaska ng mga fashionistang kokak. Ikaw ang laughing stock. At higit sa lahat. Kung hindi ka makikibagay sa changes of the world. Hindi mo malalaman ang changes sa tax code of the Philippines. Malamang baon baon ka na sa interest eh hindi mo pa alam. Paano hindi ka naman updated. Kawawa ka. Pareho kayo ng Pentium poor na walang kasing bagal. Puro virus pa.

PERO! Pero kung magbabago ka lang din, eh siguruhin mo naman na nagbabago ka para umayos ka. Hind para maging halimaw. Huwag paurong. Change for the better ika nga. Kung kaya mong maging best, gora te! Ikaw na.

Pero kung inaakala mo din na lahat nagbabago, EEENK! Mali! Dahil may isang bagay ang hindi nagbabago. Actually hindi siya bagay, but the subject of our Faith. Kilala mo nab a? o kelangan mo pang clue? Hina mo naman! Joke lang! siyempre, si GOD, hindi siya nagbabago. Kung paano niyang minahal sila Adan hanggang kila Moses, syempre ganoon pa rin ang pagmamahal na meron siya para sa atin. Hindi nagbabago yun. Hindi ka lang aware kasi hindi mo naman binabasa yang bible na nakatambak sa bookshelf nyo. Try mong buklatin, nang malaman mo kung ano ang sinasabi ko. 


FACEBOOK BILLBOARD AD. (You can do better than that.)

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If you ride along Circle Quezon City every day, you have probably saw this billboard ad that says “The family that facebook together stays together”. As in what the F?! What are you trying to say? That facebook should be the center of the family? What kind of values are you trying to promote? I mean! The F! It really made me think that maybe family values are starting to deteriorate because of facebook or other social networks for that matter.

Facebook is cool and useful in a way. Very useful in communication. But come on! Don’t make it sound like we need facebook to keep a family intact. To keep a strong communication among family members. Youre trying to tell us that facebook should be the core of every family’s lives. What kind of freaking promotion is that? What kind of family image are you trying to portray? Does it mean that if one of the family members doesn’t have a facebook account then he can’t truly be a part of a family? No offense meant to Mr. Zuckerberg, I like facebook but I don’t think I will worship it the way the maker of that ad does. You can condemn me for making this blog. I don’t care.

You know,. When you make advertisements, make sure that it is flawless. And don’t promote something just for the sake of promotion. Youre trying to tell us that because we now live in a cyber generation, then it’s okay to make the cyberworld the axis of the universe.

These are only temporary things. Use it wisely. Please keep the values that we inherit from our ancestors because those are the things that made us who we are today. Those are the things that really matter. Let’s not forget, what we are. Let’s not be slaves of these cyber/social community. Use it as you please, but remember not to level it to God. Because He should be the center of every family. Everything we do should be done for him. It is better to say that “The family that has God as the center, stays stronger.”Image

frame up

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frame up

starfish island >.<

something fishy >.<

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there are many fishes in the sea… 🙂

underground river

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underground river


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We first encountered this term in our art class where we painted different animals and flowers that still looked like animals. Where our teachers, God bless them, tried so hard teaching us methods of painting, different strokes and mixing and matching colors and we love it because it requires less memorization.

Originally, impressionism according to wikipedia is an art movement from Paris-based artists that were popular during the 1870s until 1880s. But in our generation, a different impressionism is emerging. It came crossed to me during my conversation with my boss while having coffee in a cozy coffee shop in a place where no jejemons are in sight.

And the following are my observations and PERSONAL opinions.

  1. To make an impression or to impress somebody, we exert too much effort while trying to be casual about it. Yeah, that is the irony of it. We say things, some are true but most are just for bluffing.
  2. How you carry yourself around people really gives you an advantage if you are in a competition. And character gives you an edge that people notices when you are in a crowd.
  3. Never bow down to anyone but be sure to remember to keep your feet on the ground.
  4. Always stick to what is right. Even if everyone is against it.
  5. Always make a stand.  It could bring you anywhere.
  6. Keep yourself pleasing in the eyes of the Lord and nothing could go wrong. If everything else does. Just trust in Him.
  7. Always act like you know something when you actually don’t.
  8. Be careful with what you say. Make sure that it actually supports what people say about you. because when you talk about something and more people talk about it otherwise. That’s where doubt starts to creep in.
  9. Our efforts to impress sometimes bring us to success but more often, it lead us to failure.
  10. Always be true to yourself, no matter what. If they cant have you for who you are. So what? At least you don’t have to deal with bunch of idiots trying to be something else theyre not.




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this piece of “I don’t know how to call this” is another product of the biggest phenomenon in my life called boredom. I don’t want to shout it out, but yes. My life is an endless trail of boredom ever since I went out of school.

I never experienced anything exciting since graduation day, you can nclude graduation day since I slept through out the ceremony. Nothing really excites me. And what im afraid the most is im getting tired of  reading my books. I couldn’t find anything that would interest me. Even facebook, is too dull for me. Maybe I should be in the army of airforce. Or I could be at home taking care of my half dozen kids. I don’t really know what I want in my life. Ive been asking Him a lot of times but I guess I couldn’t hear His answer for im to deaf to hear! Now, why does that sound so unfaithful. Though im still not losinghope to find the right path for me. But im getting impatient and I don’t like. For when I do, I get to do some drastic things. I like to panic. It gives me some adrenaline rush.

Maybe I shouldn’t be an accountant. I should be a newscaster, reporting about al qaeda. And maybe talking to terrorists. Or being captive by terrorists. Or I could be the terrorist. See? I told you when Im bored I think about things that im not suppose to think. How could anyone imagine herself as a terrorist. Especially someone like me. An average 5 foot female. But hey1 don’t underestimate the power of being small, remember that David kicked Goliath’s ass.

Im not really sure if im needed in this office. I mean, I don’t see my importance. For so many many reasons. Maybe I couldn’t stand staying in a place pretending doing something when Im not doing anything. I really really want to be occupied with the things that I like to do. And my problem is, I don’t like what im doing and im not enjoying any minute of it.

I know I am meant for something else. Something  more  than this. But its so frustrating that id ont  know what it is. Most of the time im confused for what I want to do with my life. Though it doesn’t matter for He will lead me to the path he wants me to lead on.

 I always know im not meant to be inside an office. I should be out there exploring the world. Seeing things. What kind? I don’t know. What is there to see anyway? THAT’S WHY I WANNA FIND OUT!

Im just tired of it all.

What I wouldn’t give for a little freedom.

Most of my life, I envy people who could choose to do whatever they please. Like my friend. Whatever she does, her parents support her. It doesn’t matter if whe got it bad, but they had been always there to comfort her if shes hurt or support her when she’s in trouble. I envy her for that. We don’t have that much that’s why I struggle to be independent. I try so hard to be strong so my parents wont worry about me. I am scared but I couldn’t afford to say it loudly. I couldn’t afford to be weak. I cant be weak. Its not even an option. I guess I just want my family to be proud of me.

But I really want a life different than this. Something more than this. Something that would make me feel humane.

Or maybe I don’t feel of any importance where I am. Im scared that one day theyre going to ditch me like a hot potato. I honestly feel infereior about everything. Most specially with the people around me but I try to hide it as much as I can. You wouldn’t know how the predator will capture you. I try as much as I can to hide any emotions to show in my face. I don’t like looking at people’s eyes for they might see something in mine.