Shining star

How do you define different? What is normal? How can you say that you are normal? What is the standard of being normal? What is ordinary? What is special? Is it on the way it looks? The way it acts? Or the way you look at it?

Recently, I attended a SPED training and seminar. As I am a volunteer teacher for kids in our church I am compelled to attend the event. However, I couldn’t say I attended because I need it, but it was more of the need to understand the other side of the coin. For months I have been dealing with kids, specifically toddlers, I think its safe to say that I can, somehow, understand a little bit of their natural “jungle” state.

It is fun, entertaining and amusing. Being with kids keeps me alive. Personally I would prefer the company of kids. They are refreshing. Saying things I wouldn’t dare speak out. No reservations, no theatrics. One can be their own self with the company of these cuties.  And I guess its safe to say that I am my real self when I am around them.

Cute, fun and comical, that’s how we usually describe these rascals. But how are you going to cope when a kid has special needs? How are you going to take it? Will you ignore it or try to understand it? How much are you willing to sacrifice? Up to what extent are you willing to give?

Listening from the people who dedicate their time taking care of these unique children, I couldn’t help but to be in awe with the kind of love they give. Of how much they sacrificed. Of how much they are willing to sacrifice. Of how compassionate they are in taking care of these little ones.

Regardless of their exceptional circumstances, these children are gifts from heaven and clearly, the people who love and treasure them are fully aware of it.

I feel blessed that I was given this rare chance to know more about this world. I understand that not everyone in our society truly understand this condition. And children and even adults with out of the ordinary qualities are still vulnerable to bullying and stereotyping from our culture.

Thus, I would like to make an appeal to everyone, these children need not to be labeled, but love and understand. Same with the love that God gives us freely in spite of our inequities and impiety.


~ by elledann on September 16, 2014.

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