What Christianity is all about

I list several deeds that would tell how Christians will become Christians. I wrote this because I am aware that my religion alone will not save me when the second judgment comes. However, I believe that our relationship with God will. I just hope that all of you who will read it will be open and not get offended with this. God bless. ^.^

  • Praying for the people you care for, you love and for those who you think are loss and not praying for their condemnation.
  • Praying for guidance in everything that we do.
  • The people who are making bad deeds are not necessarily evil. The evil use them to play in their ploy. Hence, they need our prayers.
  • Patience is a must. When people condemn you for being a Christian, never lash out your tongue on them. Being Christian doesn’t make us perfect.
  • We don’t label ourselves as righteous people. We ask for the grace of God for our forgiveness.
  • We don’t shut our minds to the things unknown. Having a wide perspective is also a must. Trying to understand the things that are beyond normal.
  • We make mistakes. Everybody does, forget the notion that we are perfect.
  • When there’s something wrong with us, we try to change our ways, and if it is not in your usual way. Please respect us.
  • We are not perfect but we’re trying our best to be a good person in the eyes of God and not necessarily according to human’s norm for the world we live in has double twisted moral standards.
  • We don’t label people for what they do and what they have. Simply put, we don’t judge others just because we don’t understand them. We know that what’s more important is their relationship with God.
  • We don’t have a blissful life. We have a very challenging life, everybody does, and we find comfort in God’s presence and try to be as happy as we can be.
  • Putting others above oneself, two principles – generosity and humility.
  • Obedience in God’s will.
  • Its really all about faith.


These are the things I realized for the past year trying to grasp the meaning of faith, my relationship with God, Christianity, what Jesus means to me so I’m not saying that those go for everyone. Please do understand that the way we see things depends on our experiences. And again, this topic is open for discussion.

Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them. – Proverbs 4:5


~ by elledann on May 10, 2013.

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