Why women love dramas? The pros and cons of reading a fiction love story.

I read a lot! As in a lot! Any kind of romance novel, name it! I started reading since I was in grade school. Those dilapidated Filipino written novels I found in my cousin’s back pack. I could still remember the reason why I was so hooked up in reading them. And no, I am not ashamed to admit that the bed scenes really did captivate my attention. The detailed description of the deed, and of course the too much drama. The pity party every heroine is fond of. I have to admit, that I became melancholic and a bit dramatic because of that. But, hey! I could use some drama in my stoic predictable life. And reading them actually is fun. And of course until now, I still read those kinds of stories.

But just like every game, I kind of leveled up in my preferences. I started reading English written novels in high school apart from reading my tagalog ones. Reading do really have amazing benefits. One, it helped me in my comprehension ability, it helped in my writing skills, which I thought I would never have. Three, it feeds my imagination – hungry mind.

As I was a teenager, I would always prefer love fiction over science or any knowledgeable books. Because, as stupid as it was, we girls are always and will always be sucker for romance. There will always be a part of us that will dream of happily ever after and fairy tales.

But there’s also a asset back, a kind of ugly truth behind these stories. An observation that I only now acknowledge. Becoming aware of the largest facets in this reality.

  1. There is a rare reference about God, that makes life more complicated and more dramatic.

There is too much drama in a character’s life because most of the time they refer to their own abilities, forgetting that God has plans for their lives, plans better than theirs.

  1. Almost every story is focused on the physical aspect of the relationship.

At a very young age I was introduced to sex. Not because of pornography but because of these books. If filming sex is pornography then, how would you call writing sex? I would say that it opened my mind, but it was hard to keep the purity of your thoughts when it has already been corrupted. And, at that time when “raging hormones” is at its peak, and every girl I know is getting pregnant, I was tempted big time to do something that I know will destroy me.

  1. Too much drama caused by referring to your own strength.

Again, because we forgot that God has plans for our lives and there is always a need to control our destiny forgetting the role of God in us.

  1. Acting on impulse instead of asking for God’s guidance.

Once again, another reason why life becomes a mess of tangled problems. Revenge begets revenge, jealousy, bitterness, resentment, fear, insecurity, human emotions that cloud our better judgment. Emotions that get the better of us, weaknesses that make us forget that we have someone up there watching over us.

If I haven’t understand the foundation of life, I would normally say that, reading those books actually makes me knowledgeable. The thrill that I feel every time I read those stories. The goose bumps that I feel every time I reach the climax of the story. The adrenaline rush when the truth is coming out.

Since I have discovered something bigger than that, I would like to share to all of you that life doesn’t need to be that dramatic. Fine you can read every novel in the library of your ipod or iphone but still, there’s a book that held the most important facts and truth about the drama in our lives; the Bible.


~ by elledann on April 2, 2013.

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