Shining star

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How do you define different? What is normal? How can you say that you are normal? What is the standard of being normal? What is ordinary? What is special? Is it on the way it looks? The way it acts? Or the way you look at it?

Recently, I attended a SPED training and seminar. As I am a volunteer teacher for kids in our church I am compelled to attend the event. However, I couldn’t say I attended because I need it, but it was more of the need to understand the other side of the coin. For months I have been dealing with kids, specifically toddlers, I think its safe to say that I can, somehow, understand a little bit of their natural “jungle” state.

It is fun, entertaining and amusing. Being with kids keeps me alive. Personally I would prefer the company of kids. They are refreshing. Saying things I wouldn’t dare speak out. No reservations, no theatrics. One can be their own self with the company of these cuties.  And I guess its safe to say that I am my real self when I am around them.

Cute, fun and comical, that’s how we usually describe these rascals. But how are you going to cope when a kid has special needs? How are you going to take it? Will you ignore it or try to understand it? How much are you willing to sacrifice? Up to what extent are you willing to give?

Listening from the people who dedicate their time taking care of these unique children, I couldn’t help but to be in awe with the kind of love they give. Of how much they sacrificed. Of how much they are willing to sacrifice. Of how compassionate they are in taking care of these little ones.

Regardless of their exceptional circumstances, these children are gifts from heaven and clearly, the people who love and treasure them are fully aware of it.

I feel blessed that I was given this rare chance to know more about this world. I understand that not everyone in our society truly understand this condition. And children and even adults with out of the ordinary qualities are still vulnerable to bullying and stereotyping from our culture.

Thus, I would like to make an appeal to everyone, these children need not to be labeled, but love and understand. Same with the love that God gives us freely in spite of our inequities and impiety.



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When I get tired of reading. I just want to write or do something that would contribute to the intelligence of the human race. However, I am aware that I am not as smart as Einstein or any geniuses my Biology teacher told us about. I have been looking, searching deep down in my soul for something that I have that i can share with others. But then, i saw something unexpected. I saw something in my me that I never dared look for the past twenty – four years. I am empty. I am a cargo box, with no destination address. I am a bottle floating aimlessly in the ocean. With no direction, no guaranteed path. I am at the mercy of anyone who is compassionate enough to pick me up and read the letter inside. Sometimes I envy garbages, at least they have a certain destination, the dumping site. Unlike me, where will life take me?

What Christianity is all about

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I list several deeds that would tell how Christians will become Christians. I wrote this because I am aware that my religion alone will not save me when the second judgment comes. However, I believe that our relationship with God will. I just hope that all of you who will read it will be open and not get offended with this. God bless. ^.^

  • Praying for the people you care for, you love and for those who you think are loss and not praying for their condemnation.
  • Praying for guidance in everything that we do.
  • The people who are making bad deeds are not necessarily evil. The evil use them to play in their ploy. Hence, they need our prayers.
  • Patience is a must. When people condemn you for being a Christian, never lash out your tongue on them. Being Christian doesn’t make us perfect.
  • We don’t label ourselves as righteous people. We ask for the grace of God for our forgiveness.
  • We don’t shut our minds to the things unknown. Having a wide perspective is also a must. Trying to understand the things that are beyond normal.
  • We make mistakes. Everybody does, forget the notion that we are perfect.
  • When there’s something wrong with us, we try to change our ways, and if it is not in your usual way. Please respect us.
  • We are not perfect but we’re trying our best to be a good person in the eyes of God and not necessarily according to human’s norm for the world we live in has double twisted moral standards.
  • We don’t label people for what they do and what they have. Simply put, we don’t judge others just because we don’t understand them. We know that what’s more important is their relationship with God.
  • We don’t have a blissful life. We have a very challenging life, everybody does, and we find comfort in God’s presence and try to be as happy as we can be.
  • Putting others above oneself, two principles – generosity and humility.
  • Obedience in God’s will.
  • Its really all about faith.


These are the things I realized for the past year trying to grasp the meaning of faith, my relationship with God, Christianity, what Jesus means to me so I’m not saying that those go for everyone. Please do understand that the way we see things depends on our experiences. And again, this topic is open for discussion.

Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them. – Proverbs 4:5


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the hills are alive (buhay ang kabundukan)

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the hills are alive (buhay ang kabundukan)

montalban mountains.

Why women love dramas? The pros and cons of reading a fiction love story.

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I read a lot! As in a lot! Any kind of romance novel, name it! I started reading since I was in grade school. Those dilapidated Filipino written novels I found in my cousin’s back pack. I could still remember the reason why I was so hooked up in reading them. And no, I am not ashamed to admit that the bed scenes really did captivate my attention. The detailed description of the deed, and of course the too much drama. The pity party every heroine is fond of. I have to admit, that I became melancholic and a bit dramatic because of that. But, hey! I could use some drama in my stoic predictable life. And reading them actually is fun. And of course until now, I still read those kinds of stories.

But just like every game, I kind of leveled up in my preferences. I started reading English written novels in high school apart from reading my tagalog ones. Reading do really have amazing benefits. One, it helped me in my comprehension ability, it helped in my writing skills, which I thought I would never have. Three, it feeds my imagination – hungry mind.

As I was a teenager, I would always prefer love fiction over science or any knowledgeable books. Because, as stupid as it was, we girls are always and will always be sucker for romance. There will always be a part of us that will dream of happily ever after and fairy tales.

But there’s also a asset back, a kind of ugly truth behind these stories. An observation that I only now acknowledge. Becoming aware of the largest facets in this reality.

  1. There is a rare reference about God, that makes life more complicated and more dramatic.

There is too much drama in a character’s life because most of the time they refer to their own abilities, forgetting that God has plans for their lives, plans better than theirs.

  1. Almost every story is focused on the physical aspect of the relationship.

At a very young age I was introduced to sex. Not because of pornography but because of these books. If filming sex is pornography then, how would you call writing sex? I would say that it opened my mind, but it was hard to keep the purity of your thoughts when it has already been corrupted. And, at that time when “raging hormones” is at its peak, and every girl I know is getting pregnant, I was tempted big time to do something that I know will destroy me.

  1. Too much drama caused by referring to your own strength.

Again, because we forgot that God has plans for our lives and there is always a need to control our destiny forgetting the role of God in us.

  1. Acting on impulse instead of asking for God’s guidance.

Once again, another reason why life becomes a mess of tangled problems. Revenge begets revenge, jealousy, bitterness, resentment, fear, insecurity, human emotions that cloud our better judgment. Emotions that get the better of us, weaknesses that make us forget that we have someone up there watching over us.

If I haven’t understand the foundation of life, I would normally say that, reading those books actually makes me knowledgeable. The thrill that I feel every time I read those stories. The goose bumps that I feel every time I reach the climax of the story. The adrenaline rush when the truth is coming out.

Since I have discovered something bigger than that, I would like to share to all of you that life doesn’t need to be that dramatic. Fine you can read every novel in the library of your ipod or iphone but still, there’s a book that held the most important facts and truth about the drama in our lives; the Bible.

Bakit ako loner?

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Alam ko kung bakit ako single. Not because I am bitter. But because I find it hard to get close to people other than my family. Mahirap para sakin ang magtiwala. Dahil ako, pinalaki ako ng daddy ko na hindi mapagtiwala. Sabi niya “Wag kang magtititwala kahit kanino. Kahit sakin, dahil kahit ano pwedeng kong gawin para masaktan ka.” Pero sabi din niya. “Pero hindi ko gagawin yun dahi anak kita, ang akin lang, pinapaalala ko lang sayo na maraming bagay ang pwedeng gawin sayo ng mga tao sa paligid mo para  saktan ka, kaya dapat magingat ka. They could get advantage of you”

Sabi nga nila, mabait naman daw ako, mataray lang at masungit. A very bad combination. Well, that’s how people see me. Sometimes I wanna change it, pero palagi kong naalala ang mga pangaral ni Daddy. Kaya ang ginagawa ko nalang, pinapabayaan ko. Pero effective naman, because it is easier to let go of the people who want to be out of your life. Hindi masakit, hindi depressing. Kaya buong buhay ko, umikot lang sa pamilya ko. Pero minsan gusto ko din palawakin ang mundo ko, pero sa ganitong sitwasyon na ako sanay. Safe ako sa ganito. Pero alam ko ang totoo.

Natatakot akong mapahamak.

Natatakot akong ma-reject.

Natatakot akong mabaliwala.

Natatakot akong masaktan.

Baka hindi ko kayanin.

May mga taong iniwan na ako. Pero hindi ko magawang masaktan. Dahil gusto kong maging Masaya sila kahit hindi nila ako kasama. Gusto kong maramdaman nila na tama ang desisyon na ginawa nila. Pero natatakot din ako na baka balang araw, lahat sila iniwan ako at wala nang natira. Natatakot akong mamatay na magisa lang at walang kasama.